The project was begun on December 1, 2014 when the order was received.  A conveyor was needed to separate two containers of precooked food.  Once cut into two containers they needed to be forced into single container lines on the conveyor.  Once the containers were placed into a single line moisture had to be removed.  Two air knife stations were required to complete this task.  The continers traveled to an x-ray unit and had to be turned 45 degrees prior to entering the x-ray unit.  From basic design to completed and delivered unit took 3 months.  The client is very happy and has ordered an additional unit for another manufacturing unit in another city.  The video below shows the unit in operation in our fabrication shop.

Conveyor running product


Removing roof for install of MRI unit at a hospital

This project took place in October of 2014 and included the deinstall and reinstallation of an MRI unit at a hospital.


 This video was taken in June of 2013.  It shows a turnkey project completed by ISS.  The project included storing the machine, transporting to the install site, removing a second story wall, reinforcing the second story floor, inserting the machine, machine install, and reinstallation of the second story wall.


This is a continuation of the video above: